Product solution

Conversion Rate Optimization

WalkMe helps lead users persuasively through the flow from visitor to subscriber, from user to customer, and from customer to evangelist.

Management IT
higher conversion rates

Drive higher conversion rates.

Simplify complex processes with task-specific training and contextual guidance.

digital workplace

Provide a positive user experience.

Increase conversion rates, user satisfaction and loyalty by unlocking full product potential.

user journeys

Gain visibility into user journeys.

Prevent future drop-offs and ensure process completion with visibility into user journeys. .

How it works

Increase trial conversions, and drive user satisfaction.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, ensure user adoption of your product by analyzing, measuring, and optimizing customer journeys.

The Challenge

Drive user retention.

When change is constant, help your customers uncover the value you provide, exactly when they need it.

Sales Organization
Zuora logo

Zuora implements personalized software demos and dramatically shortens its sales cycle.


faster close rate


drop in sales cycle


asset for lead generation

Using WalkMe during the demo experience has helped us learn so much about our buyer, because our prospects vary across industry and market segments, understanding their personas and use cases helps us prioritize leads and which deals to attack.

Matt Darrow

VP Product, Zuora
customer journeys
Our solution

Exponential value = exponential growth.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, gain visibility into customer journeys, and create experiences that drive their satisfaction and your business growth.

Discover more about WalkMe for conversion rate optimization.

IBM offers the ultimate customer experience with WalkMe.

Chief Digital Officer of IBM shares how WalkMe helped them achieve a 300% increase in consumption and retention in their users.

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How a journey map can boost product adoption rates.

By building a clear path for your users to follow, you will create more valuable experiences. Learn how to construct a journey map.

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EX + CX = ROI.

Find out how Sprinklr is using WalkMe to create in-platform customer onboarding experiences with a 330% increase in engagement with new features.

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