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WalkMe accelerates time to competency and improves data integrity for NetSuite® users across all modules.

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data accuracy

Ensure data integrity across processes.

Boost data accuracy on core processes on NetSuite® and prevent errors in data entry that slow down your business.

digital workplace

Personalize employee training.

Create training on NetSuite® that is catered to your employee needs, boosting employee productivity and satisfaction.

product adoption

Enable full product adoption.

Get ROI on your software investment by ensuring your employees make use of all of NetSuite’s® robust features.

Maximize your Netsuite® investment.

Your business invested in NetSuite® because of its sophisticated range of solutions, from finance to logistics. Reap the full value of the platform by guaranteeing employees quickly adopt to the product’s features.

next normal

Using WalkMe inTool training, employees were smartly guided on the new system immediately when they had need. No pre-training was even created! The adoption of the new software was seamless and trouble-free company-wide.

Ralph Borer

Head of IT Learning Solutions Roche logo

Improve digital employee experiences with WalkMe.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, create a unified employee experience across platforms.

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Discover more about WalkMe for NetSuite®.

How to boost employee productivity with WalkMe for Netsuite.

While Netsuite can deliver massive bottom-line value to a business, effective adoption is a must.

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How do you maximize employee productivity?

In many cases, low productivity originates with poor employee onboarding. As a result, a wide range of solutions…

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Forrester confirms 368% ROI for enterprises using WalkMe.

Based on four experienced WalkMe customers, we commissioned Forrester, a leading analyst firm, to perform a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study that...

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