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Enable your teams to collaborate seamlessly with WalkMe for SharePoint®.

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promote self-support

Accelerate time to competency.

Empower your employees to start collaborating from day one with in-app training.

user journeys

Gain visibility into user behavior.

Discover where your employees are struggling and create data-driven solutions.

IT support

Reduce support overhead.

Enable self-service at the time of need and reduce support tickets.

Personalize your Sharepoint® training.

Just because all your employees are using the same tool to collaborate doesn’t mean they can all adjust and onboard to it at the same pace. Ensure Sharepoint® productivity for all your employees by creating tailored experiences.

Employee onboarding

They were learning while they were executing what they needed to. It was not only saving time for them, but creating consistency amongst all the users.

Elyse Sanneman

Manager, Merchandising and MP&I Training Ulta Beauty logo

Improve digital employee experiences with WalkMe.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, create a unified employee experience across platforms.

user experiences
Discover more about WalkMe for Sharepoint®.

Boost your Sharepoint® efficiency with WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform

Take your organization’s Sharepoint® experience to the next level by giving employees tools to enhance their software capabilities.

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Accelerate your organization’s time to value on Sharepoint® with WalkMe

Whether you’re implementing Sharepoint® for the first time or onboarding new users, WalkMe will get them up to speed in a flash.

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Help your employees become fluent in Sharepoint®

Sharepoint® is its own language, but with the right assistance it can be learned by anyone. Discover the difference a personalized training solution..

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