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WalkMe helps web hosts onboard new customers and drive customer success on cPanel®.

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user onboarding

Drive user adoption.

Ensure customers adopt all your product’s features and maximize its full value.

customer retention

Increase customer retention.

Create a base of loyal customers by providing exceptional user experiences, no coding required.

IT support

Reduce support costs.

Enable self-service among your users, eliminating user frustration and relieving support burden.

Grow your customer base on cPanel®

To capitalize on cPanel’s® powerful management system and drive customer satisfaction, users must fully adopt to the software. WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform enables customers to easily adopt and drive value from the tools.

Customer Care

With WalkMe, familiarizing new users with the software is faster and easier. Our customers are better equipped to work on their own and our support staff is much more efficient.

Ken Haigh

Chief Technology Officer peoplematter

Enable exceptional customer experiences with WalkMe.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, speed up customer onboarding and improve user adoption.

Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)
Discover more about WalkMe for cPanel®.

Harness the power of cPanel’s web-hosting tools with WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform

Whether you’re a first-time user or a cPanel® expert, discover how WalkMe’s guidance and automation will optimize every engagement.

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What are you doing to ensure your users become customers?

With WalkMe’s insights, you can learn why users are leaving your platform and customize their experience at each and every step of their journey.

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WalkMe customers are changing the standard for user onboarding

Learn how companies who are utilizing WalkMe have impacted the bottom line for their users. Organizations from a variety of industries are noticing the difference WalkMe can make.

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