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Oracle CX Cloud®

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform accelerates time to competency and reduces errors in data entry on Oracle CX Cloud®.

Industry solutionsIndustry solutions
user journeys

Increase visibility into user experiences.

Gain visibility into points of friction in employee experiences and implement data-driven solutions.

product adoption

Streamline digital experiences.

Accelerate time to competency and simplify complex processes throughout the user journey.

data integrity

Improve data integrity.

Automate processes and engage users to reduce errors and improve data integrity.

Accelerate adoption and boost user experiences.

WalkMe enables your team to get started with Oracle CX Cloud® from day one, with on-the-job training and guidance. Improve the user experience long after onboarding by eliminating tedious tasks and increasing data integrity.

Management IT

[C]ustomers reported several key benefits, mainly including the increased efficiency in application usage, savings in onboarding and training costs, a reduction in IT and customer support… and a reduced sales cycle due to better data quality and integrity.


“The Total Economic Impact of WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform” Forrester

Use WalkMe across your sales stack.

With WalkMe for your sales organization, gain visibility into productivity and automate processes throughout the sales ecosystem.

sales stack
  • Track software usage across teams
  • Trigger cross-application workflows
  • Ensure accurate data entry throughout the sales cycle
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