What is DAP?

DAP is an acronym for Digital Adoption Platform. DAP is a software platform that is designed to ensure seamless software learning and adoption by simplifying the user experience on any platform, app or website.  


How does DAP work?

DAP places an invisible overlay on top of any application, allowing businesses to gain insights into user behavior and create in-application experiences to guide users through business processes. 


What are the benefits of using DAP? 

DAP can be instrumental in digital transformation as it serves as a tool to:

  • Train and onboard users to new software 
  • Automate complex or tedious process to improve performance, productivity and efficiency 
  • Provide insights into software usage
  •  Minimize user resistance to new software technology
  • Increase user satisfaction 
  • Receive the full ROI on software investments 

The implementation of DAP can help with:

  • Reducing the burden on IT or customer support
  • Reducing onboarding and training times
  • Deeper insights and analytics into what software works, what doesn’t and why
  • Improving digital dexterity 
  • Minimizing technology skill gaps

DAP can be customized to address any specific needs. Powered by AI and machine learning, DAPs use contextual information to provide tailored guidance in real-time based on each individual user’s needs.


How Can DAP Drive Business Continuity? 

DAP covers multiple business use-cases to help companies operate even under difficult circumstances. DAP can be used to support a remote workforce, remote learning and customers to ensure business continuity.  

Here are the ways how: 


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