introducing a new category of technology: digital adoption solutions

From vision to industry reality

May, 2019

What is a Digital Adoption Solution?

The Digital Adoption Solution is an emerging technological category that is focused on improving the adoption of multiple tools across an entire organization, helping organizations get the most out of their application portfolios with a digital adoption platform. Users  are guided through business processes across multiple solutions, enabling a clear path toward task completion, reducing both time and costs of training.

Digital Adoption Solutions Answer the Digital Transformation Promise in both Employee and Customer Experience

Why do organizations need a Digital Adoption Solution?

Digital Adoption Solutions create a consistent user experience, streamlining employee productivity and engagement while also reducing costs. With this announcement, Gartner is recognizing that Digital Adoption Solutions are the future of enterprise software and are valuable for organizations transforming to digital optimization.

Business Process Spanning Across the Sales Digital Landscape

According to Gartner, “market penetration is 1% to 5% of audience” highlighting the potential opportunity that exists today

WalkMe enables organizations to achieve true digital transformation by maximizing the use of their digital assets. According to Gartner references, organizations surveyed use an average of 14 sales tools. By engaging users and providing an optimal user experience, WalkMe supports the success of organizations digital transformation by increasing usage, overcoming change, and increasing the return-on-investment on its software system investment.

WalkMe's Layered Approach to Adoption


Collect and analyze usage data to identify obstacles and opportunities to engage


Better UX and higher productivity by eliminating empty clicks and tedious tasks


Contextually drive to action with Walk-Thrus, visual cues and strategically placed content


Shift from reactive to proactive by adding AI-driven rules for where, when, how and with whom to engage

*Gartner Increase Sales Productivity With Digital Adoption Solutions, Melissa Hilbert, 21 May 2019

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