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Zuora implements personalized software demos and dramatically shortens its sales cycle, securing customers 4x faster.

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Recognizing that potential customers want to try before they buy, Zuora used WalkMe to develop and implement free, individualized software demos on their website. In doing so, Zuora has revolutionized both its first-time user experience and its sales efforts.

While Walk-Thrus guide prospects through relevant processes, Zuora is also able to track their behavior, allowing for better analytics and efficient lead generation.

Since launching WalkMe-powered demos, Zuora’s sales team:

  •      Close customers 4x faster
  •      Report a 50% drop in the sales cycle
  •      Name WalkMe their #1 asset for lead and pipeline generation

Using WalkMe during the demo experience has helped us learn so much about our buyer, because our prospects vary across industry and market segments, understanding their personas and use cases helps us prioritize leads and which deals to attack.

Matt Darrow

VP of Product, Zuora

Executive Summary

Zuora enables businesses around the world to launch and monetize products and services as subscription-based offerings. An innovative company with ambitious sales targets, Zuora needed to find a way to offer prospective customers the free trial they wanted, automatically tailored to best showcase relevant features of the software. As well, Zuora required an unobtrusive and effective way to introduce updates and new products, without disrupting existing customers’ workflow.

By implementing WalkMe’s real-time, in-system guidance, Zuora is able to deliver customized software demos. Targeted Walk-Thrus lead prospects only through the processes they are interested in. Walk-Thrus are also used to intuitively introduce features or updates to existing customers from within the Zuora platform. Additionally, WalkMe Insights enable Zuora to capture and analyze complex customer data. Overall, WalkMe has given Zuora the information and sales tool it needs to generate leads, close sales, and ensure customer success.


About Zuora

As the world’s largest provider of Relationship Business Management (RBM), Zuora has a vision of the world subscribed; a vision based on the view that consumer buying is fundamentally changing from owning products to subscribing to services. In 2007, Zuora’s co-founders began to evangelize a fundamentally new business model they termed Subscription Economy, in which companies of all sizes would offer broad libraries of services via subscriptions. At the heart of Zuora is the idea that customers are happier subscribing to a service than purchasing a singular product. Zuora brings this concept to life by enabling over 1,000 businesses around the world to launch and monetize any subscription of products and services while creating relevant and memorable customer interactions.

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