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Tyler Technologies Improves Adoption, User Experience, and Self-Service Support with WalkMe In-App Guidance.

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Tyler Technologies offers end-to-end information management services to local governments. With 550,000 clients and growing, it became crucial for the company to adopt a workable, efficient self-serve training and support system. After implementing WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, Tyler Technologies enjoyed:

  • 31% drop in how-to support requests
  • Simplified self service
  • More time for value-added tasks

I am very passionate about WalkMe … I look at my position as an educator. WalkMe helps me give my audience on-screen assistance during our interaction but is also there for them to reference on their own in the future. I believe this is the tool we needed to make our filers more comfortable with electronic filing.

Taylor Rednose

Software Support Representative, Courts & Justice, Tyler Technologies

Executive Summary

Tyler Technologies offers information management software to local governments and school districts around the world. With 550,000 clients and growing, Tyler’s services are obviously in demand—and so was their support department. Tyler was inundated with basic “how-to” support calls, which pulled the Tyler team away from value-added tasks and resulted in frustrated clients.

By working with WalkMe, Tyler designed and implemented a range of customized step-by-step tutorials to guide users through their platform at the time of need. WalkMe Insights provided the Tyler team with valuable analytics to help target their services. In just five months, Tyler reported one-third fewer support requests, increased customer satisfaction, and better feature adoption. Tyler employees, too, enjoyed the benefits: with less basic support calls, they were able to focus on moving the company forward.


About Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies is a leading provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services for local governments. Tyler partners with clients to empower the public sector—cities, counties, schools, and other government entities—to become more efficient, more accessible, and more responsive to the needs of citizens. Tyler’s client base includes more than 15,000 local government offices in all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, and other major international cities.

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