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PeopleMatter Uses WalkMe to Speed Up Customer Onboarding, Improve User Adoption, and Increase Self-Service Support.

user onboarding

Onboarding Time
Huge Drop

IT support

Deflect to Self-Service
15-20% of Calls

product adoption

Accelerate Employee
Training & Onboarding

PeopleMatter’s employer software platform is designed specifically for the hourly workforce. With a wide variety of customers with diverse needs, PeopleMatter needed a streamlined and customizable approach to training and support—which WalkMe provided.

After implementing the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform, PeopleMatter reported:

  • Significantly faster customer onboarding
  • 15-20% of calls deflected to self-service
  • Accelerated employee training and onboarding

With WalkMe, familiarizing new users with the software is faster and easier. Our customers are better equipped to work on their own and our support staff is much more efficient.

Ken Haigh

Chief Technology Officer, PeopleMatter

Executive Summary

The PeopleMatter platform is used by a wide variety of industries, including the retail, restaurant, and service sectors. Because it caters to so many varied customers, each with a slightly different set of demands, PeopleMatter was pouring significant resources into its support and training center. The company needed a way to improve the customer experience for easier and faster onboarding, and greater self-service support and adoption.

PeopleMatter first implemented WalkMe’s intuitive in-app guidance, Smart Walk-Thrus. Because Walk-Thrus can be customized and tailored to specific user groups, support and training information appeared only when and where it was relevant. PeopleMatter has continued to add additional Walk-Thrus and other advanced WalkMe features. Since partnering with WalkMe, PeopleMatter has received significantly fewer support inquiries. PeopleMatter also report greater and faster user adoption and a more efficient customer experience.


About PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter is a workforce management platform designed specifically for the hourly workforce sector, including hospitality, restaurant, retail, and service companies. Since 2009, PeopleMatter has helped more than 42,000 service-industry locations. The platform is used by some of the biggest names in the service industry, including Applebees, Del Taco, Holiday Inn, Noodles, and Planet Fitnessץ

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