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Christus Health uses WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform to roll out crucial technology to health care professionals.

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$1 million/month in
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WalkMe layered
across 20+ applications

Christus Health comprises an international workforce of 45,000+ associates, including 15,000 physicians. Training and communicating with such a large, busy, and dispersed group is critical to both patient outcomes as well as the bottom line. Christus Health needed an effective digital adoption solution—and found it in WalkMe. By delivering real-time, in-app guidance, WalkMe allows busy healthcare professionals to learn while working. As a result, Christus Health reports:

  • $1 million/month in improved payment outcomes
  • 200–300 fewer support calls/month
  • WalkMe layered across 20+ applications
  • Branding of ActionBot as “Noah” for improved engagement

WalkMe has changed our learning landscape. In the past, we've always had to be more reactive in the way we approach learning. Now, we can actually roll out the learning alongside the system or the new products.

Tobias Washington

Director, Learning Experience, Design and Technology, Christus Health

Executive Summary

All Christus Health employees, from front-line healthcare workers to the billing team, need to work efficiently and precisely—the survival of the organization, and its patients, require it. But many employees simply do not have time for traditional training, and static job aids cannot keep pace with changing technology. As an additional challenge, errors and omissions in the accounting department can hold up reimbursement from insurance providers, pointing to a need for more effective guidance.

Christus Health turned to WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform to customize and simplify training. By creating a transparent overlay for Infor ERP, and other key applications, Christus seamlessly added in-app help features to guide users through new and crucial technology while they work. As well, by catching potential errors at the time of entry, WalkMe helped ensure accurate invoicing and billing, bringing in approximately $1 million each month that wouldn’t otherwise have been claimed or processed.


About Christus Health

Christus Health is a Catholic, not-for-profit system made up of more than 600 health centers, including long-term care facilities, community hospitals, walk-in clinics, and health ministries. We are a community 45,000 strong, with over 15,000 physicians providing individualized care.

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