Increase Employee Productivity and Improve Employee Performance

Organizations investing significant capital in digital systems are receiving lower than anticipated returns. The average employee is overwhelmed with platforms and applications to do their job and as a result, they are not able to realize the potential in productivity gains.

Additional investments are required in training and support to mitigate the symptoms of poor user adoption. Yet, this is done without accurate information on how exactly the system is being used and to what level the employee has engaged.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform increases employee productivity by encouraging employees to learn and engage with onscreen guidance, while tracking system usage and offering insights on how to improve user adoption.

Implementing WalkMe helped us greatly increase productivity in the sales team. We now spend much less time on tedious data entry, and more time understanding and using the information to further sales.
Ashley Steiner, CRM Administrator, TrueBlue, Inc

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Eliminate time wasted fixing user errors
  • Track and analyze system usage with machine learning
  • Identify obstacles to improve employee workflow
  • Reduce support costs with contextual guidance
  • Drive adoption and complete utilization of software capabilities
  • Increase employee engagement in new and existing systems

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WalkMe in Action: How WGBH Raised Employee Productivity With Contextual Guidance

Since implementing WalkMe for its Salesforce platform, public broadcaster WGBH was able to significantly reduce training time and support costs. Discover how WalkMe’s on-screen guidance and real-time analytics empower WGBH employees to use Salesforce with greater ease and higher productivity.